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Budo Brain
Kyokushin Karate Activity Book & Study Guide
Written & Illustrated by Toni Flynn

Budo Brain is a great learning tool and resource for both children and adult students. This unique Activity Book & Study Guide is a fun way to learn about Kyokushin Karate techniques, training etiquette, training tips, Japanese terminology used in the dojo, and much more.


Topics include “What is Karate?”, “What is Kobudo?”, “What is Budo?”, “What is Kime?”, “What is Maai?”, and more. An extensive Japanese terminology section includes all techniques as well as conversational Japanese.


What makes this book unique is the way the information is presented. The Japanese crossword puzzles and word games are a challenging and fun way to learn the Japanese terminology and help students retain the information more easily.


Not just for kids! Although this book is written in easy to understand language, it is by no means just for kids. This book is more extensive than the average adult student handbook and the information it contains is pertinent for all kyu rank students regardless of age.


Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) brushed by Tom Flynn Shihan is also included for many common words such as “dojo”, “seiza”, “reigi”, “kime”, etc. Included is an interpretation of the shodo characters, giving students a deeper understanding of the origins of the words and their cultural aspects.

Soft cover, 144 pages. Single copy price $20.00 plus shipping.


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$20.00 + shipping
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